Earth friendly food. Cooked with love.


Plant Based Kitchen!

Our daily food choice determine both our health and the health of our planet. Choosing a food that require the minimum resources and emits less pollution in their production is a wiser choice for the sustainability of humanity. By reducing your amount of meat, fish or dairy, day by day, you tend towards an healthier life, in communion with the earth.

Local & Organic

Organic is not a choice, it is a necessity! The use of chemicals in our food is killing us slowly and impoverish our soil. Time for a worldwide return to organic food grown without pesticides has come! We strive to provide an organic cuisine!


Many people do not eat any animal products, including eggs and dairy, and have a very difficult time finding restaurants in the Bukit that have any vegan options. We serve plenty of delicious vegan dishes in our Muz Kitchen.

Raw, Natural Food

For an optimal health, it is important to consume some of our food raw, as heat can destroy some of the nutrients. People on a raw diet only eat food heated to a maximum of approximately 45 °.

Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein found in wheat that many people are allergic or sensitive to. From bread to processed food or cakes, wheat flour is everywhere in our daily life. Gluten is not easily to digest by many people and can cause allergies, constant fatigue and long-term damage to the intestine. We offer many yummy, gluten free options at Muz Kitchen!


Sprouts are veritable stars of the vegetable world. Their numerous and widely acclaimed health benefits include high levels of dietary fiber, B complex vitamins and protein. While sprouting whole grains we reduce the amount of starch they contain and boost their nutritional value. Sprouted grains or seed contain elevated levels of nutrients, such as vitamin C, carotenoids and protein. Be prepared to find your plate sprouted!


Federica Nucci

– Chef –

The successful author of the blog creates raw dishes flavored with the simplicity of her Italian tradition. In our Muz Kitchen, she lovingly prepares the healthy and delicious dishes on our menu.


– Chef –

You can’t leave for a minute without finding a new cake, tart or gluten-free bread on the table. This bakery lover surprises us every day with new delicious healthy recipes. Luckily, his treats are low in calories and won’t leave you feeling guilty.


– Chef –

Whether baba ganoush, hummus, tzatziki or falafel. This young, passionate Balinese masters the art of Mediterranean cuisine. Always smiling, he creates the delicious dishes that our guests love so much!